Capstone Mechanical was Founded in 2011

Capstone Mechanical was founded in 2011 to provide a unique, relationship-driven service experience to the commercial HVAC industry

You’ve heard the story before, you may also have a story of your own—two guys start a company in their garage because they want to change the world… passion runs deep, hard work ensues and dreams are realized. More often than not, it’s simply taking action with your intentions to “change the world” that contributes most to the outcome of your business venture. Will success be reached? Will the economy absorb your lifelong plans to achieve your dream? That’s ultimately up to you and is largely dependent upon the amount of drive, passion and hard work you commit to your dreams.

Capstone Mechanical did start in a garage, in 2011, for the most part—a spare bedroom in Portsmouth, NH and Chevy Van in Easton, PA, to be more specific. The company is founded on a simple, but powerful premise, that business, the products and services we provide, can be done better—not an ingenious revelation by any means, but a revelation nonetheless. We envision an organization that pays closer attention to the customer and employee connection—an organization that leverages the relationship between the two, nurtures its development and provides the tools and resources to ensure that the relationship grows through mutually beneficial support and assistance. We want to reinvent the word “serve” by rethinking the words “service” and “consumer”.

Our people define who we are and collectively shape our organization

Our employees, from technicians to administration including executive level staff have high expectations of each other and the company. We understand that to meet our expectations, commitment and performance start with each individual. We understand that we will operate on the notion that first and foremost, we support each other—through kindness, empathy, trust and open & honest communication. We treat one another like human beings, (With this … it may sound silly to some, but the idea of every individual contributing with a separate set of objectives, separate goals and distinct job descriptions, actually contribute to a less productive and less supportive environment). We operate under a flat management structure. We ask every employee to function independently, both on-and-off site, to provide leadership to those that need it and deliver assistance, in a constructive and supportive manner, to staff members that require training or job-centric education.

“We develop our organization through the support of others.”

We carry this philosophy through our own internal operations all the way through to our customers—developing ourselves and our organization through the support, care and assistance of others. We are an extension of our customers, sharing the knowledge, expertise and attention we demand from ourselves. A cooperative, cyclical relationship that looks past the “service” aspect and provides tools, information and collaboration on a team level.

The Capstone Leadership Team

The individuals responsible for establishing and supporting our unique culture, collaborative atmosphere and Capstone’s relationship-driven approach to customer service, make up our leadership team. Although we share executive-level job titles, we’ be the first to tell you those titles don’t mean much within the close-knit, team atmosphere at Capstone.

We (Ken, Jim and José) founded Capstone Mechanical with a distinctive set of core values in mind—investing time, resources and energy into the workforce; treating each employee with respect, dignity and genuinely understanding the needs and aspirations of each individual. This behavior is the cornerstone of the culture our leaders envision. Building upon these essential and fundamental behaviors, a new approach to providing commercial HVAC services was established—by utilizing the same “inward” approach to cultivating a dynamic and self-sustaining workforce and drawing upon their 100 years of collective experience, they changed the way Capstone approaches, services and interacts with its customer base. Rather than treating our customers like the next project on a lengthy service manifest, we imagine each customer, each project, and each interaction as an opportunity to create, develop and grow durable, lasting relationships. By truly listening and understanding customer needs, sharing knowledge and formulating effective solutions, Capstone positions itself as a true customer service leader and the entire company prides itself on the commitment and focused attention they provide to each and every customer.

Our Corporate Culture

Capstone Mechanical is a culture-focused commercial HVAC company.

Our people make us who we are—their character, attitude, creativity, individuality, and their compassion drive our corporate goals, decision making and the approach we take with each new relationship we forge. We think of our customers as much more than simply “a company”—they’re real people with real needs, concerns and expectations. We treat every customer as a relationship—and we treat each relationship with courtesy, kindness, devotion and dedication. The purpose of this culture statement is to demonstrate the values we live each and every day as well as the manner in which we communicate with our customers and foster those relationships.

The Capstone Culture—a Collective Voice

Our culture dictates the way we run our organization, and the way we operate, from desk-to-door, from technician to project manager and beyond. Our culture is the foundation from which everything else is formed and structured. The relationships we develop within our organization run strong & deep and ensure the relationships we form with our customers and partners are valuable and resilient. We collaborate as a team, a single unit, with unified goals and objectives. We do not separate individuals by title, nor do we isolate departments or teams from the collective voice of the company. Each Capstone employee has a unique voice, a voice in which new ideas are expressed, innovation is encouraged and nurtured and personal expression is celebrated. Our path forward is determined by our collective voice—decisions, big and small, critical and trivial, are made by the company as a whole, not simply by our executive team or single individual.

Our Culture and Our Customers

We carry our culture everywhere we go and we encourage every member of our organization to describe and articulate our company’s core values, as well as our unique approach to relationships. We devote a great deal of time and energy to improving the way our employees and customers interact—specifically, the relationships they form. These relationships define us, our work and ultimately, our collective voice within the marketplace. As colleagues, practitioners, business people and friends, we communicate more effectively, transfer ideas and knowledge more efficiently, and continue to refine and improve the processes, language and service we pass on to our customers.

We love discussing our culture with anyone that will listen—this speaks a lot about the way in which our cultural guidelines were originally developed and also the way these guidelines have grown and matured over the last several years. We are always on the lookout for organizations that share our passion for corporate compassion and company core values. And when we discover another company as excited as we are about our corporate culture, we listen and learn and often facilitate company-wide interaction in order to exchange ideas and share experiences.

Continuous Improvement and Unity

We hire people with similar values. Individuals that share the same enthusiasm our founders expressed when the company was formed in 2011. We hire people that are smart, passionate, curious and gutsy and then we provide them with the independence they require to flourish. Our success is driven by amazing team work and extraordinary individual effort—we reward creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration. We work effortlessly for continuous improvement and challenge our workforce to develop a culture-rich, working environment where professional development is fostered, trust is established and unified communication is enriched. We empower our employees to think and work independently while motivating them to learn from one another and adopt the most beneficial and efficient approach to the services we offer our customers.

Do you have a corporate culture story to share? We’d love to hear how your company encourages, promotes and develops its own cultural identity. Or if you think your company needs to invest more time in developing a culture-driven atmosphere, drop us a line, we’d love to help.