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Our People—their experience, expertise and willingness to think differently, separate us from other Commercial HVAC service providers.

The Capstone Mechanical team is made up of an extraordinary group of bright, hardworking and passionate individuals—all with unique, creative and highly effective skill sets and all with a passion to solve problems and provide a customer service experience second to none.

We hire people that share the same enthusiasm our founders expressed when the company was formed in 2011. We hire people that are smart, passionate, curious and gutsy and then we provide them with the independence they require to flourish. Our success is driven by amazing team work and extraordinary individual effort—we reward creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration. We work effortlessly for continuous improvement and challenge our workforce to develop a culture-rich, working environment where professional development is fostered, trust is established and unified communication is enriched. We empower our employees to think and work independently while motivating them to learn from one another and adopt the most beneficial and efficient approach to the services we offer our customers.

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