Jenna M Pellegrini Memorial Softball Tournament

Capstone Mechanical along with family and friends participated in the Jenna M Pellegrini Memorial Softball Tournament. The goal of the Tournament is to promote & spread awareness to Domestic & Sexual Violence and Drug Addition. Tournament funds support New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Haven NH, and SOS Recovery Community Organization.


Capstone Wellness Challenge and Donation to Gather

Capstone Supports Gather, a charity organization providing food assistance in the NH Seacoast area.

In lieu of sending holiday gifts to our customers in 2020, Capstone donated $10,000 to Gather!

Capstone employees and family members also participated in a wellness step challenge of “walking” the perimeter of our service territory and completed it by taking over 5.5 million steps and covering just over 2,600 miles! With this challenge Capstone employees donated hygiene items to Gather and Capstone matched the employee donation.

Patti Gormley, the Development Director from Gather, writes “A million thanks for your great team effort and treasured donations! Our members will feel like they hit the jackpot. I hope you can envision their smiles and relief. Capstone made a huge difference for many, many people today.”

To find out more about Gather and their mission, or to make a donation yourself, please visit


Cigna has selected Capstone Mechanical as a recipient of the annual Cigna Well-Being Award for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of its employees through a workplace wellness program.

Cigna Well-Being Award applicants are evaluated based on the core components of their wellness program, including leadership engagement, company culture, strategy and goals, implementation, and employee engagement. All applications are scored and reviewed by a panel of Cigna health promotion experts.

“At Capstone we pledge to our families, customers, coworkers, and the general public to always ensure a safe environment which extends to supporting personal well-being. We are committed to supporting employees to live the healthy lifestyle they choose. We understand that what works for one person may not work for someone else. With that in mind we take a holistic approach to include the 5 dimensions of well-being; environmental, social, financial, emotional, & physical. We are committed to making wellness accessible to all our employees and infusing it into our culture.”  – Capstone Wellness Committee

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Our culture dictates the way we run our organization, the way in which we conduct ourselves, and how we approach our customers and the marketplace.

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About Our Company

Capstone provides a relationship-driven service experience

You’ve heard the story before, you may also have a story of your own—two guys start a company in their garage because they want to change the world… passion runs deep, hard work ensues and dreams are realized. More often than not, it’s simply taking action with your intentions to “change the world” that contributes most to the outcome of your business venture. Will success be reached? Will the economy absorb your lifelong plans to achieve your dream? That’s ultimately up to you and is largely dependent upon the amount of drive, passion and hard work you commit to your dreams


Our Corporate Culture

Capstone Mechanical is a culture-focused commercial HVAC company

Our people make us who we are—their character, attitude, creativity, individuality, and their compassion drive our corporate goals, decision making and the approach we take with each new relationship we forge. We think of our customers as much more than simply “a company”—they’re real people with real needs, concerns and expectations. We treat every customer as a relationship—and we treat each relationship with courtesy, kindness, devotion and dedication. The purpose of this culture statement is to demonstrate the values we live each and every day as well as the manner in which we communicate with our customers and foster the relationships with share.