755 Banfield Rd., Unit 102, Portsmouth, NH 03801

capstone mechanical

Our Mission

Deliver exceptional service experiences while providing an engaging and inclusive environment for our Team Members to excel. When Capstone was founded in 2011 it came from a very simple idea – this industry can be better. It can DO better. Our goals are constantly evolving but underlying them is the same sentiment. Continuously improve and evolve while maintaining the enthusiasm, positive attitude, and commitment to hard work that founded this company.

Our Vision

We envision an organization that pays closer attention to the customer and employee connection—an organization that leverages the relationship between the two, nurtures its development and provides the tools and resources to ensure that the relationship grows through mutually beneficial support and assistance. We strive to exceed expectations by empowering customers through unparalleled customer care.   

Our Team Members Are The Heart of Who We Are

Capstone team members are committed, caring, and continuously improve together, always.