Capstone Services & Programs

A level of service you’re not accustomed to.

Capstone Mechanical employs passionate, highly skilled, individuals and technicians to service your project, communicate project details, facilitate scheduling and optimize time-to-completion. We understand you’re busy and potentially dealing with adverse conditions associated with product failure—we want to solve your problem, improve your situation and provide guidance to optimize the longevity of your services and equipment. Our experienced team of technicians are each equipped with the latest technology to ensure speedy response times and accurate equipment diagnosis. Our fleet vehicles are furnished with GPS monitoring hardware to pinpoint locations and track progress. All Capstone technicians operate laptop and/or tablet devices to optimize communication and efficiency.

We go to great lengths to reduce customer downtime and maintain timely response rates. Our technicians always arrive on-time, and our work is performed in a professional, courteous and respectful manner—we go above and beyond when it comes to resolving your problem and returning you to “business as usual” as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our objective is to resolve your issue during the first visit.

Capstone Mechanical is a culture-focused commercial HVAC company.

Our people make us who we are—their character, attitude, creativity, individuality, and their compassion drive our corporate goals, decision making and the approach we take with each relationship we forge. We do not think of our customers as “customers”, they’re real people with real needs, concerns and expectations.

We hire people that share the same enthusiasm our founders expressed when the company was formed in 2011. We hire people that are smart, passionate, curious and gutsy and then we provide them with the independence they require to flourish. Our success is driven by amazing team work and extraordinary individual effort—we reward creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration. We work effortlessly for continuous improvement and challenge our workforce to develop a culture-rich, working environment where professional development is fostered, trust is established and unified communication is enriched. Capstone Mechanical takes pride in passing our commitment to relationship management on to you and we’re confident you’ll experience the difference.

New Unit or System Installation

Your operating needs, budget, business type, location and environment all play an important role in determining which type of unit will perform, over time, for your specific needs. Our product specialists will meet with you to determine and discuss your heating and cooling requirements, as well as your budget, timeline and service expectations. Capstone Mechanical will provide a highly customized, manageable solution that fits the needs of your business and your customers. With over 100 years of collective experience, our team can effectively advise, plan and execute the installation of your new heating and cooling unit.

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Unit or System Replacement and Repair

If your air conditioning unit is reaching the end of its manufacturer’s suggested life-cycle, you will notice) telltale signs of damage, age or poor efficiency. Whether it is the frequent breakdown of the unit or the sudden increase in energy/operating costs, these factors suggest that you should have your unit(s) inspected and repaired or replaced completely. While some damaged units can be salvaged through emergency repairs, older heating and cooling units are best replaced with newer and more energy efficient models. Capstone Mechanical will help you understand your options, the costs involved and assist you in making an informed decision if repairs or a replacement unit is necessary.

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