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capstone mechanical

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Our People—their experience, expertise and willingness to think differently, makes us who we are. We are hard-working, kind, committed, and curious. We embrace challenges, and take care of each other and those around us. Our culture empowers independent thinking, and collaborative environments to continuously evolve our approach to benefit our customers, team members, and the organization.

What Our Team Values

Capstone Culture

Built on trust and transparency. We are a team that takes pride in our work, and the relationships that we build. We're all in it together.

Safety Always

Everyone is a safety advocate, for ourselves, our teams, our families, our customers, and the community. Our entire team makes safety their responsibility.

Customer Care

Provide an exceptional customer service experience by understanding our customers unique needs and by providing proactive guidance.

Holistic Wellness

Comprehensive wellness program provides everyone access to resources to guide team members and their families along their unique personal wellness journeys.


Freedom and flexibility provides team members the autonomy to best support our customers at point of service while sustaining personal wellbeing.

Team Member Reviews

"Worked for this Company for over 6 years. Best company I worked for, and they took care of you as an employee and a person. Wish I never retired from this awesome company.'
Service Technician
"Overall, Capstone Mechanical is a great company to work for. I have been in the industry 5 years, and I can honestly say, this company has offered me the work/life balance that I desire, and they genuinely care about you and your family."
Service Technician
"Great company culture. Enjoy working alongside people who work hard and genuinely care about each other. Fun environment that is continually challenging."
A/R Specialist
"Capstone truly cares about their employees/technicians. The office and upper management trust the technicians in the field 100%. I have full control of my schedule, there are NO dispatchers. Capstone wants to see your family life thrive as well as your career. It is an amazing company to work for and a wonderful community to be a part of. I will definitely be finishing my career at Capstone."
Service Technician
"Capstone is a great place to work. There is a real community among the employees, and management truly cares about all staff. Open communication between all team members is encouraged as the company is always looking to do better. Management is looking for team members willing to take initiative and invest in the growth of the company. In return the company invests in you."
Business Support Analyst
"Owners and management are sympathetic to family life and understanding life with kids. Overnights are voluntary and minimal. Growing company that allows employees to schedule and work at their own pace. Company provided and reimbursed uniforms/PPE."
Service Technician